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Got 3 minutes? That’s all you need to get an overview of ELO 12 Professional. See how ELO can help your business remove process bottlenecks and communication barriers to save money and reduce risk

Deadlines approaching? Can’t find your files? No remote access? Problem solved with ELO.

Get your files in ELO and you always know where your information is

Scanning, OCR, workflow, advanced search, alerts, versioning, archiving, retention schedules, ERP and accounting integration; plus secure mobile and browser-based access for remote working. All standard features in ELO.

Solutions to support your business needs


Control your records. Declare, register, and dispose records from a central, searchable repository using retention rule automation. 


Too much paper? Go electronic and scan, classify, and file invoices, send alerts, and easily get data into–and out of–your back office.


Stop emailing documents! Automate business processes and workflows to increase  productivity, efficiency, and quality.


Take control of your vendor and customer contracts and use a modern contract lifecycle management (CLM) system.

Content Management Services

Every content management project is different. You need a partner that not only understands content and document management systems, but also knows how your business works.

Ovitas provides document management consulting, software implementation, system integration, and support services.

Services that support your business needs


Not sure where to start? We help with strategy analysis, POCs, and all things document and records management.


We get you through the project life cycle, from planning and analysis through design and change management.


Integrate ELO with your existing ERP, accounting and other back-office business systems with Ovitas i-Link.


Our support team makes sure your document management system continues to meet your changing business needs.

Latest Insights and Perspectives

We know a thing or two about content management and content management projects. Our employees have experience and certifications in content strategy, business analysis, project management, change management and many other areas integral to successful content management programs and projects.

ELO Digital Office HQ

ELO CEO Karl Heinz Mosbach on the Coronavirus Crisis

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Be MORE Productive Working from Home

Be MORE Productive Working from Home

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Document Management Project Delivery

Document Management Project Delivery

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