Content management consulting from Ovitas gets projects started

No matter how complex your content and document management needs are, we have the experience to deliver the right solution. So don’t go for the biggest consulting firm, go with the one that knows content management. Ovitas.

Our Consulting Areas

We don’t consult on everything. Our focus is content management and document management, something we’ve been doing for over 15 years. Our team collectively has decades of experience with the end-to-end content life cycle, from business case development to change management, and everything in between.


Before you have a project, you need a solid business case; but what goes into a business case, specifically one for document management? In a nutshell, a business case outlines the business need and describes the required investment and includes all the information needed to make a decision to proceed…or not. Ovitas can help you align your goals and objectives with your business case.


One of the key characteristics of a business process is its ability to change and adapt—a business process needs to be agile. Have your document management processes changed as your business has become more digital? If not, it’s time to update those processes to improve productivity, control, and operational efficiency. Ovitas designs end-to-end document management process to make your business more efficient.


From a content management perspective, your business taxonomy is like a map for how you classify your content—documents, records, etc. A taxonomy is much more than simply folders and ‘tags’ and when done properly, will make your information easy to file, find, archive, and delete. Ovitas designs business and enterprise taxonomies, classification schemes and more, to help you categorize your information.


Document management doesn’t operate in a void and, to be effective, requires information governance. But, how mature is your information governance? Where are you today, and where do you want to be tomorrow? Ovitas uses the ARMA Information Governance Maturity Model (IGMM) to evaluate and improve your information governance program and design the roadmap to get you going.

Content management consulting

Business case, process and taxonomy design, information governance and more