Ovitas provides system integration between ELO and your legacy systems

Optimal process efficiency and internal control happens after your systems talk to each other. ELO provides certified integrations with major ERP systems to keep your users (and auditors) happy.

Do you have proprietary systems or use tools like Quickbooks Online? Ovitas i-Link for ELO connects your systems the right way.

Integrate Your Back Office with ELO

Whether you’re a small- or medium-sized business, state or local government, K-12 district or higher education, you’ve got a lot of documents to manage outside of your ERP or accounting system. So you need the right document management software (ELO) to make sure all those documents and records are searchable and connected to your back office systems, without rekeying or duplicating.


ELO ERP integration lets you map data fields between ELO and your ERP system. ELO interfaces with all common ERP systems including SAP ECC and SAP HANA, Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Sage. Link your documents to your master records using ELO.


Ovitas has been integrating complex systems for over 15 years. We’ve built on that experience and knowledge to create the Ovitas i-Link for ELO, a fast and robust tool that lets you integrate ELO with just about any of your 3rd party systems. Intelligent integration for you information – that’s i-Link.

Connect your systems to ELO

Contact us to learn more about the Ovitas ELO Integration Platform (EIP) or check out ELO ERP integration tools at the ELO website