Process Automation from ELO

Business processes need to evolve to stay efficient and cost effective. Manual processes that use to work ‘okay’ are holding back your company now that remote working is taking hold. Employees, managers, and business owners are seeing the gaps clearly in today’s distributed working environment. Things need to change.


Get to the information you need to keep your business running.


Secure, remote access to work from anywhere on any device.


All information in one place, organized and searchable.


Integrate your information silos to collaborate effectively.

How does ELO help with process automation?

Unlike other applications, ELO’s workflow / business process engine is built in. This give you the advantage of easily building” low code” processes directly around your business information. One integrated system for information managment and process management.


When you have gaps in your processes, it means they don’t work as designed. You need a workaround to get from one step to the next. ELO bridges the gaps in your processes – among departments and between systems.


Bottlenecks are inefficiencies that cause a process to take longer than it should. A prime example is using email as part of an approval process. No reminders. No controls. No audit trail – all things you get out-of-the-box with ELO.


Project collaboration is easy, operational collaboration is hard, especially in distrubted working. Who has access from which department, and to what, for how long? Use ELO and easily control your collaboration.


Process gaps, bottlenecks and inefficient collaboration all affect quality negatively, which leads to errors, omissions, and rework. ELO automates your repeatable processes and optimizes how your company works together.

Example: Accounts Payable Automation

Your AP process is core to your business operations so it should be as efficient as possible. After your vendor invoices are in ELO, you can use approval processes that route bills to the right users in the right departments based on vendor, amount, due date, or just about any other criteria.

ELO ad hoc AP review approval workflow

Example of a simple review + approval workflow

Ready to Automate?

Ovitas has process experts to get you from your old, manual current state to a new, automated future state.