Contract management on your terms with Ovitas CLM solutions

Contract life cycle management (CLM) is both a software solution and a business process. Ovitas will help you design and build your business processes using workflows and forms in the ELO contract management solutions business module.

Key Contract Management Features

From drafting to negotiation, through maintenance and archiving, ELO contract management solutions from Ovitas put you firmly in control of the process. Whether you have 10 contracts a month or 10,000 per year, Ovitas has the right size solution for your business.


You need to know the state of your contacts at a glance. ELO provides you with the information you need to take action. Use the status dashboard to find out where contracts are in the contract lifecycle, and use the timeline and calendar dashboards to quickly see what’s coming due…or overdue!


Contracts drive your business. If you have contracts with your customers, then you want to know when the cash is coming in. ELO contract reporting lets you view, sort and summarize key contact information to help you make better business decisions in a timely manner.


Business processes – workflows – are at the heart of the contract life cycle. You need to ensure the right people, with the right permissions, can edit and approve the right documents at the right time. ELO gives you out-of-the-box contract workflows that you can use on day one—or you can easily design your own.


A lot of important business information is buried in your contracts: Payment terms and schedules, discounts, renewal and termination dates—all of which needs to be easily searchable, reported on and integrated with your ERP or accounting system. The answer? ELO forms to capture this information from your contracts.


Contract templates make it easier for you to control information—terms and conditions—in your contracts. When you combine ELO contract templates with ELO forms your business information is inserted into your templates. And, ELO creates a complete contract document for you automatically as part of the workflow.


Whether you need to renew your contracts with your customers or be reminded of contracts you have with your vendors, ELO has the reports, reminders, and alerts so you don’t have to track important renewal or termination dates manually. Get rid of that crazy spreadsheet with all your contract—make it better with ELO.

End-to-end contract management

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