ELO invoice automation from Ovitas streamlines invoice management

Scan, organize, approve and pay. ELO invoice automation gives you the tools you need to make the invoice process a lot more efficient, from import, OCR, and 3-way match to approval workflows and integration with your ERP or accounting system.

Key Invoice Automation Features

Your ERP or accounting system is not a document management system. So you need a system that can handle the paper and electonic invoices that you deal with on a day-to-day basis—but that system must integrate with your existing ERP or accounting system to be effective and efficient.


Start tracking invoices as soon as you receive them using workflows in ELO. Capture key dates, amounts, and terms and then continue tracking your invoices through the approval and payment process. Use ELO to create simple but powerful invoice workflows.


Use QuickBooks Online? The Ovitas QuickBooks Connector for ELO keeps your invoices, vendors, and customer information in sync. Add to ELO, it syncs to QuickBooks Online. Add to QuickBooks, it syncs to ELO. Integrate, don’t duplicate!


ELO uses intelligent data extraction to recognize key fields on your invoices, like invoice number, company name, terms, etc. You can even monitor and email inbox for incoming invoices and then automatically import them for processing.


Paper…If scanning is still part of your invoice management process, then use ELO to make that process faster and more accurate. Built-in OCR makes it easy to point-and-click data fields and transfer information to your custom invoice forms.


Track your invoices using dashboards and reports. Know where invoices are in the approval process and when they’re due. With mobile approvals, alerts and spreadsheet-like filtering capabilities, it’s easy to see your cash flow.


The more invoices you have, the more important it is to integrate with your ERP or accounting system. ELO workflows integrate with the data stored in your SAP, Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV), or other ERP system to matches invoice fields automatically.